Are you worried about your employees’ productivity? Do you want to know how to motivate your employees? Whether your business is big or small, your relationship with your employees, the working atmosphere you create for them and their motivation is crucial to the success of your company.
Here are five ways to motivate your employees and be the boss that everyone loves!

1. Be approachable

Employees who get more face time with their bosses are more motivated to work well. Speak to your employees directly about their goals and what they need to do achieve them. Staff motivation is an art that good bosses all over the world have mastered. A casual conversation on the work floor can help you understand your staff better – someone could even surprise you with a skill you never knew they had!

2. Lead by example

Be the first to follow rules you set down for your employees. Show enthusiasm towards new goals and inspire your employees to do so with you. Spread cheer through your enthusiasm and passion for work.

3. Empower them

Give individual members in your team autonomy by sharing authority and avoiding micro-management. Create pillars of control beyond your own by delegating responsibility. Be receptive to their ideas and discuss improvements to motivate them through the bottlenecks they face.

4. Offer advancement

Being the boss or manager means mentoring your juniors and grooming them. By sharing a growth path with your juniors, you could build a reputation for yourself and your company as an organisation that offers growth. Offer training and an opportunity to update skills; this could, in turn, attract young talent and keep your company at the forefront of advancement.

5. Provide incentives

There are numerous ways to provide incentives to your employees. Cash rewards are one of the most effective forms of incentives. From cash rewards to on-the-spot incentives and training sessions, find fun ways to motivate employees.

Motivation not only helps encourage your employees, but also helps retain the best talent. At Nanihi Center, we offer employee-assistance programs, which address identification and resolution of personal and productivity issues. It is also a soft skills training center in Pune. For guidance or information on how to motivate employees, get in touch with us (link)