Nanihi is a mental wellness centre that is a singular destination for students, patients, families, and the community for all mental health needs.

The foundation and ethos of Nanihi is based on the theories of Alfred Adler, an Austrian Psychologist. His primary focus was on what he called Social Interest or Gemeinschaftsgefuehl in German. This term refers to the individual’s awareness of belonging in the human community and the extent of his or her sense of being a fellow human being. Social Interest is a capacity inbuilt in all human beings which must be developed and trained, comparable to the capacity for language and speech.

This concept is at the heart of Nanihi and is our guiding force through all our endeavours.

Our aim will constantly be to Innovate, Teach and Serve.

Advisory Board

Dr. Vasudeo Pralhad Paralikar, MD (Psychiatry, University of Pune), PhD (Epidemiology, Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute & University of Basel, Switzerland)

Dr. Paralikar is Honorary Associate Consultant and Head of Psychiatry Unit at the KEM Hospital, Pune. He has three projects post-PhD to his credit at the KEM Hospital Research Centre.

Dr. Paralikar has extensive experience in Government Mental Hospitals and a brief exposure to prison psychiatry. He played a meaningful role in upgrading the Psychiatry Department of BJMC and formation of the State-level apex institute – the Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health, Sassoon Hospitals campus. Vasudeo’s positions allowed him to foster his private clinical practice concurrently since January 1984 till date. His practice focuses on critical issues in high-functioning patients. His areas of interest are cultural psychiatry, medically unexplained fatigue & weakness, cultural formulation and culturally appropriate counseling.

He was the President of Pune Psychiatrists’ Association for one year, and is a member on the Board of Directors of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry.

He has over 20 peer-reviewed publications to his credit, has contributed chapters in text-books and written regularly in Marathi newspapers and periodicals focusing on demystification & de-stigmatization of various issues in Psychiatry.

Dr. Indira Patil is a PhD in Psychology with more than 35 years of work experience. She was the Head of the Department of Psychology, until her retirement. In the course of her career she has taught at the undergraduate as well as the post graduate level and has guided 31 research papers.

Dr. Patil has been an active proponent of progress in the academic sector and most recently has been a Board of Studies Member, at Amity University, Mumbai.

She is a member of the executive committee of the Human Education Society as well as the Secretary of Reach Out to Life Foundation, a suicide prevention NGO.


Dr. Natasha D’Cruz is a psychologist, practioner, trainer, and researcher with a PhD in Psychology.

She is a practicing Psychologist/Psychotherapist and has been extensively trained by people from across the globe to enhance her passion for creative arts and psychology with the use of Music, Dance, Drama and Art as Psychotherapy. She has trained in Cognitive and Behaviour Therapies, as well as Adlerian Psychotherapy. Her clientele ranges from ages 3 to 73 years. Dr. D’Cruz is adept at handling cases across the developmental lifespan.

  • Founder president of The Reach Out to Life Foundation, a suicide prevention and youth development NGO which looks at developing community through the youth.
  • Empaneled Consultant at Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowrie, (In-patient and Out-patient departments)
  • Owner of Red Corner Consultants which is focused on the holistic development of individuals through training of early career psychologists.
  • Consultant Psychologist at Human Dynamics (Headquartered in Hong Kong)
  • Consultant Psychologist at Work Place Options (Headquartered in the U.S.)
  • Principal Consultant at JNRO Art Design and Interiors

Her passion lies in pushing the boundaries of psychology and making it accessible to the community through Creative Arts.

At JNRO, for example, Dr. D’Cruz uses elements of design psychology, evidence based design and sensory science to help build and design spaces which foster and nurture human potential.

Dr. D’Cruz has been featured in several national and international publications for her use of psychology with young people. EMRC hosted a series of lectures by Dr. D’Cruz on the use of Music and Dance in Psychology on a national television channel.

Her doctorate research pioneers the scientific study of expressive arts as therapy for psychological disorders in India. Dr. D’Cruz also is researching Evidenced Based Design for Interior Design.

Mr. Nikhil DuBois is Managing Director at RND Automation where he has grown the company to an international player by creating a global automation powerhouse. Under his leadership, RND has adopted a global perspective that pays close attention to quality and the use of technology for innovation and management.

A large part of this direction comes from the exposure he has gained from his travel and participation in various exhibitions in different countries.

Mr. DuBois is also half of the visionary duo at Hotfut Sports, a Sports Development Company that provides world-class sports facilities and infrastructure for the grassroots level. HotFut Sports combines state of the art infrastructure, fine-tuned technical and management systems, and talented people in an economically viable business model. This model ensures a holistic sports development programme that makes HotFut an ideal platform for sports development and sports education.

Mr. Hiren Parmar is the Managing Director of Parmar Construction Company, a formidable name in the construction and housing industry in Pune. Mr. Parmar completed his MBA from the European School of Economics, returned to India and took up the mantle from his father in 2001. Since then he has steered Parmar Construction to unprecedented growth. His ventures include turnkey educational and industry development projects. Under his guidance, the company has become synonymous with integrity and ingenuity.

Mr. Parmar is also the Managing Director of SKJ Global, an IT and ITES company based in Boston, USA. SKJ Global services banking institutions like AmericanExpress. Mr. Parmar deploys his unique experience across three continents into a supremely capable and competent business worldview.