The Mental Health Centre: Outpatient Department and Training Centre

The Mental Health Centre consists of outpatient and training departments that handle the entire gamut of Mental Health Issues.

Our wellness centre provides comprehensive outpatient services for all types of emotional and behavioural problems across the developmental life span. We aim to provide the highest quality of mental health care through treatment programs focused on improving the lives of our clients, and ensuring they have the requisite support on their road to recovery.

The Outpatient Department:

The outpatient department comprises of various panelled consultants in a variety of mental health specialities, across the age range. We have psychiatrists, psychologists, testing experts, special educators, remedial teachers, and clinical hypnotherapists that work with us on a percentage basis.

Super specialization professionals are encouraged, from expressive arts as well as upcoming branches of mental health and psychology that are hard to come by in India at the moment.

All our empanelled professionals are allowed specific hours in which they can work out of the OPD and a percentage of their fees come to the Centre as Facilitation fees.

Our staff psychologists also work in the OPD. We have a number of self help groups and support groups for a variety of mental health concerns, that are currently being set up; and serve as the community development and enriching program.

This kind of flexibility ensures that we attract a wide array of specialists, enhancing our status as a one stop shop for mental health issues.

Other than the pre-requisite degrees, all consultants and in-house staff will need to be incredibly passionate about their work, and have a strong desire towards social interest.


The In-patient facility

The In-patient facility comprises of 30 beds,in private or semi-private rooms. These rooms provide a safe, clean environment for in-patients, keeping in mind their psychological and emotional needs and compatibilities. The rooms are designed and maintained keeping in mind, principles of design psychology and the comforts that the target demographic is accustomed to.

The in-patient department has professionally trained psychiatric nurses round the clock, as well as trained clinical psychologists assigned to every patient; in addition to a consultant psychiatrist, help and hygiene staff.

Each patient is also provided with dietary care.Individualized health plans are formulated for each in-patient and monitored by a multidisciplinary team, to ensure that the patient is able to achieve their goals and return to effective living. The staff to patient ratio is 3:1 (waking hours) and 18:1 (during sleeping hours). This is in keeping with international staffing standards,and ensures that each patient is provided with the best health care that is possible.

The School: Training for psychologists and mental health workers

We endeavour to educate professionals who exemplify a commitment to understand and respect individual and cultural difference through the integration of psychological theory, scientific research, and professional practice.

All of our training is extremely experiential and necessitates actual client contact, through internships. All interactions are supervised to ensure that students are hands on and learning with minimal errors.

In addition to the academic and career development programs for psychologists, training is available to teachers and parents as well, to handle issues and difficulties that they may face at home or at work.

These training programs ensure that parents and teachers become the first line of defence and help their children even before the child needs to meet with a counsellor.

Our teaching staff comprises passionate professionals and leaders in their respective fields. Through their work on the front lines of the psychology profession, students gain insight and wisdom that extends far beyond the bounds of theory. Faculty members are hands on and accessible to students, and help create a close-knit academic learning community.

The School aims to constantly teach and propagate cutting-edge and new psychological techniques from across the world by inviting prominent and eminent psychologists to be faculty.

Certificate Courses:

Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, REBT, TA, Adlerian Therapy, CBT, Jung, Freud, Existential, Humanistic, Clinical Hypnosis, Sports, Psychology, Design Psychology to name a few.

The Research Institute: Advanced development and research of psychology and mental health

Research is the foundation of all learning institutes and environments, as it challenges students and focuses on development of the subject. Hence we encourage research and community focused innovation of techniques that reflect the culture and ethos of the community; and amalgamates existing Indian approaches with existing western standards.

Our research and innovation centre, empowers psychometricians as well as therapists and policy makers, with the most reliable data and tools to ensure best practices are followed. This is done by employing professionals with a passion for psychology as well as research, and with the strong need to make a difference to the community.

The research focuses on therapeutic techniques, expressive art techniques, sports psychology, Indian Psychology, spiritual psychology as well as the whole gamut of clinical psychology and all that follows, in its scope.

The Research Institute looks to push the boundaries of psychological research by focusing on theories and therapies that are yet on the fringe but have the potential to create the largest possible impact.

Over time, the school will start its own research peer-reviewed publication. In the interim, the institute will look to add to the dearth of research in psychology in the Indian Context.

The Community

Recognizing that most health needs are met in the community and at the primary care level, mental health services need to evolve from a more facility-based model, to a community-based model: where there is a major drive toward reaching and being reached by more people in their own community environment; through outreach and awareness programs and activities.

Community Mental is preventive as well as educative. Reaching and teaching the maximum number of people about mental wellbeing, helps curb the incidence of mental illness.

Through the community initiatives we partner with various non-profit organizations that work for and on various mental health issues.

Adlerian Psychology is deeply rooted in community and the belief that a health community lends itself to healthy children and adults, and in turn back to a healthy community. This is a co-dependent cycle than ensures healthy striving and self-actualizing that is at the core of human health and wellbeing.

Initiating and maintaining community programs and awareness drives, ensures that mental health education and therefore prevention of pathology occurs.